Killler Dreams Book 2 by Tracy Millosovich 

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Well there you have it! 

My second book’s reveal, and release! (Killer Dreams Book 2 was released on August 15th.)

I keep getting asked if Killer Dreams Book 2 is a standalone novel since its cover looks similar but not an exact idea to my debut novel Crystal Dreams Book 1. For all you wonderful readers who love the standalone novels inside a series kind of reads, no, this is not a standalone. It’s a continuation of the story line from Crystal Dreams Book 1 (released in April 22, 2016).

Questions my readers have asked:

Question: What’s a “Mifa” / “Mita” in the book, and what does that mean?
Answer: Because the Tartan planet of magic in Crystal Dreams is based on monarchy rulers, there are Kings, and Queens. Simply put, magical creatures call their Kings “Mita” (pronounced mee-tah) while their Queens are called “Mifa” (pronounced mee-fah). Their royal Princesses are called “Risa” (pronounced ree-sah), and their royal Princes are “Rita” (pronounced ree-tah). Though, since Jason, the twin brother to Mita Thomas, is officially known as the loyal “King’s brother”, he’s both Risa AND Mita. Little secret though, Jason hates being called Mita Jason due to the duties of being a King that he hates being obliged to follow. He prefers to be titled Rita so he has a tad bit more freedom. As a royal Prince, he’s not obligated to show his face in public unlike Thomas, and is able to do whatever it is he does behind the scenes of running the royal world.

Q: Who is Crystal Rose?
A: If you’ve read Crystal Dreams Book 1 then you know that Crystal Rose is the human girl that the magical world, Tartan’s ruler King Thomas’s Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa, reincarnated into. In Book 2, Killer Dreams, the POV of the novel changes into Crystal’s point of view where she continues the story line. She’s quite a firecracker living in the magical world of human hating.

No, the humans, and the magical world aren’t warring over this woman. The humans live on a dying Earth which turned them greedy, and they wanted the lush resources of Tartan for themselves. After starting a war with the Tartan inhabitants, which cost a magical creature’s life, the Tartan world fought back. Crystal just happened to be caught between choosing to help her fellow human race kill magical creatures who have done Earth no harm or saving the magical planet of Tartan.

Q: Who is Thomas Johnson?

A: First born King of the magical planet, Tartan. The main male in Crystal Dreams, he takes his job. as King (Mita) seriously. I would too if I had a job of perfect luxury, and was married to the love of my life for over 4 centuries. 😉 His goal in Crystal Dreams was to find the reincarnated soul of his beloved Tara Rosa, and bring her back from the dead. In Killer Dreams Book 2, Thomas turned his attention to ruling over his people, and finding true love.

Q: Who is Jason Johnson?
A: Jason is a husband, and father. Second born to the Tartan throne, Jason goes by 2 royal titles: Rita (Prince) and Mita (King), but he prefers to be deemed a Prince due to the lesser royal duties as oppose to being deemed Mita (King). Though he’s officially the King’s most loyal subject and biological twin brother, Jason’s also loyal to his daughter, Risa (Princess) Merin, and faithful to his wife, the royal healer Ana. He went to war being on the front lines against the human race in honor of the royal family in Crystal Dreams Book 1. When he returned to the palace his daughter was kidnapped by demons masquerading as harmless humans. They’ve also convinced his wife to join them in trade for Merin’s freedom. Now, in Killer Dreams Book 2, Jason must fight to get Merin back without losing his wife to evil in the process.

Jason sworn his loyalty to Queen (Mifa) Tara Rosa when she ascended the Tartan throne 4 centuries ago, and only to that queen hence his harshness towards Crystal when she first appeared. He doesn’t take changes in life well, and also took it hard during the incidence with Tara Rosa leaving Thomas to bring Crystal to Tartan as the planet’s new queen. Usually the kind of person to smite first and ask questions later, Jason volunteered to go to war against the humans of Earth to protect his family.

Q: Who is Ana?
A: Ana was introduced in the first novel as a nurse who healed the royals, and magical creatures. Due to her affiliation to her King, Mita Thomas, Crystal Rose is the only known human Ana has agreed to help. She may be a strong woman in healing who doesn’t take crap from anyone, but she’s tender to her daughter, Risa (Princess) Merin. After Merin’s kidnapping, Ana took her child’s loss with extreme difficulty, and became obsessed with finding her even to the point of betraying the rest of her family. A little unknown secret about Ana: she used to be a demon before joining up with the royal family. Birthed on Earth under the demonic name Alister, she ruled over 4 legions of demons taking over the planet Earth, and causing havoc wherever she went. After going to Tartan, Ana turned to healing instead of killing, and became the royal family’s healer. She married Jason, the second born royal to the Tartan throne, and became mother to a precious pink haired bundle of energy. When her daughter was kidnapped she took it the hardest, and became obsessed with taking revenge on her child’s captors even returning to her demonic existence.

Q: Who is Merin?

A: The first born royal princess (also known as Risa) to the Tartan throne, Merin is the pink haired daughter to Jason and Ana. She has the abilities to sense the existence of children within a certain proximity, and can see the invisible sprites or spirits who inhabit the royal palace gardens. She is able to transform her appearance between being a child to a teenager to a full grown adult, but her personality remains that of a child. Though some of her physical appearance changes, her signature pink hair and magical eyes do not. Not many people know the little secret Merin holds. After her queen (Mifa), Tara Rosa, reincarnated into a human, she unknowingly received some of Tara Rosa’s abilities making her an equal, in power, to the Queen of Tartan rather than a subject. She is the first of any magical creature to accept the human Crystal on Tartan while everyone else abhorred her. Merin also stood at Crystal’s side during the planetary war between Earth and Tartan, and became loyal to her. She has unwavering loyalty to her King, Mita Thomas, and has become attached to Crystal because of Crystal’s affiliation to Thomas.

If you have any more questions for me, Tracy Millosovich, regarding my novels, its contents, the characters or if you’d like to chat, please private message me on Facebook or send her an email.

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Updates About Crystal Dreams Books Giveaways


I’m a total perfectionist. I need everything in an impossibly high standard. I’m such a workaholic that having this entire weekend off work was a novelty. What am I doing with my days off? Working. Uh I mean writing. I’m glad for the days off. I’m in dire need of writing days. Here I go diving in…

It’s been a few weeks since Crystal Dreams hit the market.

The first edition was a rush upload in time for my debut on April 22 hence the many, many mistakes, and my unhappiness. Since then, Crystal Dreams has been edited, and my dearest friend has offered to reedit it. Due to my characters’ dirty sailor mouths, Amazon almost pulled my book. Apparently there’s a limit to the amount of f-bombs and a-bombs one book is allowed to have. Nice to know. Hahaha…

Now that the entire book is completely finalized, I have it in the review process of becoming a real paperback book! My editors and I are totally psyched! I’m excited to see what something I dreamed up when I was 9 years old looks like as a real life, in color reality. The cover design by Laura is what I’m most excited about. Please don’t mess up my printed book Amazon. (I’ve heard a lot of bad things that happen to the printed books verses the Kindle ebooks.)

For the wonderful winner of my very first paperback book giveaway back in April, you’re getting the first copy with swag that hasn’t been released online yet. Hugs! Sorry you all had to wait so long. By the end of this week, Crystal Dreams will be in full paperback book color. Hopefully. My fingers are crossed.

I love all of you for buying my debut. I am so honored you took a chance on me. Love!

Book 2, Killer Dreams, will definitely be released in July or August. I have my fingers crossed for a special birthday release day which will throw book 3 in an October or November release.

I know I said back in January that my contemporary romance gift to my friend, Hunter’s Hell, was going to be a July release, but with the fiasco surrounding Amazon making my job harder, that release is no longer possible. I’m sincerely sorry. My friend’s sure one patient reader. I’m so grateful.

As for writing, I’m plowing through book 2 as fast as I can. Please know that I’m thinking of all you readers as I hide in my writing corner. Thank you for having my back.

While you wait for more books, please enter the giveaways to win Crystal Dreams swag and a copy of Crystal Dreams, and a signed MIDNIGHT LILY paperback book.

Crystal Dreams:

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Writing The End To Crystal Dreams


This just happened! I typed “The End” on my draft in Crystal Dreams, Book One of the Dreams Series! I’m happy with the beginning! The ending was a KA-BOOM! BEAT THAT! Seriously?! I’m supposed to TOP THAT ending? How?
Now I need to edit everything…Can someone shoot me? Not literally, but remind me that this book is a promise so that’s why I spent the last 15+ years writing it. Seriously. Remind me why this is “The End” and I somehow need to find my editor self to edit this giant monster. How do you editors do this part?
In 1998, back when I was a child, I wrote a short 100 page story (by hand) about a girl who needed rescuing from her every day life. In October 2011, I rewrote the entire 100 page story into a full 400+ page book from the beginning. I turned this meek girl from a damsel in distress to a strong woman who stood up for righteousness, justice, and fought against hateful bullying and oppression. The original title went through 5 changes in the last 9 years from its original title in 1998 to what’s now called “Crystal Dreams.”
What was originally planned to be a short, one novel story, turned into a planned 4 book series, because I received 4+ requests for more based solely on my 2015 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) win. Geez!!
I was seriously considering the finale of this first book to be a conclusion. Then my fingers wrote the weirdest ending that dropped off to a cliffhanger… I am NOT responsible for that cliffhanger. My main character is!
A week ago today, I vowed to dedicate this debut novel in the series to my dear friend for encouraging me to write, respecting my childhood, and being there for me my whole life. He’s the inspiration for the entire book. No, the dedicated to is not Millosovich sorry. But Millosovich IS single. Have at him ladies! Hahaha…I’ll be over here hiding in the corner away from the fangirls. Yes, Millosovich is a guy. He allowed me to use his name, because he’s cool like that. God bless him and his business adventure. c8
I hope my book sells. Now off to mercilessly edit the living sh*t out of Crystal Dreams, and finish writing the draft to Killer Dreams Book Two.
P.S. I absolutely LOVE my cover designer! She’s both a beautiful artist, and a beautiful person. She has a heart of gold💖

Writing, A World Apart


You know that moment when you’re writing, cramming in more writing, and trying to write between reality?

Yeah, that’s me. But between all the writing, I’ve listened to a lot of advice and opinions on when to write, why I should write, why I shouldn’t writing, and mostly how to write. Especially, how to write correctly.

Then I took a good look around. After a while, conformists lost their voice writing what certain people wanted to read, and what’s “trending” now that they forgot to write what they felt. In a community of writers who recreates the billionaire boyfriend, the BDSM stud, the sexy man who saves the virgin damsel in distress, and the private school students who just happen to come upon “magical powers” that transform them into a Harry Potter look-alikes, I’m trying to find out if there’s any originality left. Is there?

Where’s the awesome kick butt books? Where’s the heroes who don’t sound like magical dragons plus Harry Potter? Where’s the strong female lead who doesn’t need a billionaire boyfriend but would like the romantic hearts and flowers? (Seriously though, aren’t there enough authors rewriting Harry Potter and Fifty Shades already?) Where’s the good stuff? I’m worried that one day I’ll wake up and all there’s going to be are billionaire boyfriend books or heroism absorbed, sugar coated Harry Potter books. As an avid reader, I’d love some originality. 

Devil’s Death

(A poem)

Light a match
and let it see
hopes and dreams
you set free.

Call its blaze
in dire need
A hell of love
Your devil’s weed.

Burning bright
Within a hole
You’re mine now
Your heart of coal.

Screaming loud
Within your bed
Call me out
Your body’s brain dead.

This is why I started writing. So this message can be read, and heard. Sometimes evil can be seen, and I see it.

Free Books, Posting Piracy Online


I know this maybe a sensitive subject but I need to stand up against plagiarism, and theft. I know 4 online usernames who have stolen written works of other published authors, and attempted to resell the published books as their own (a M/M author, Paranormal author, a well known romance author, and an ARC receiver). That’s not what this blog is about though.

In 2012, I was assaulted online by a kid (at the time she was probably only 19) who deemed herself a “novel writer wannabe”. Per her own pet title, she posted hundreds of her written works all over the internet FOR FREE. As her “book” was written, and rewritten, I found out that the wannabe wasn’t just writing a series, but was also a Harry Potter fangirl. Her hero series became more and more of a Harry Potter fanfiction the longer I read it, and less of an original work.

If you know JK Rowling like I do, she doesn’t encourage fanfiction stories of other people’s work, especially her own, to be published. That, to me, is essentially stealing, in this case, from the Harry Potter author. Unfortunately, the girl’s work has 400+ “fans” whom I recently found out to be mostly under 17 year old kids posing as 18 years old and up who follow this wannabe writer online, not read her work, but assault anyone (like me) who figures out that her hero series is a Harry Potter ripoff.

The point of this isn’t to point my finger at a 2015 college grad animating student. This is to say, she posted her entire books on for FREE, and now she’s trying to get people to BUY them.

First, her book’s already FREE online, so why bother paying for it.
Second, why support a plagiarist? What’s the point of that?

I’ll get a ton of flack from her “friends” for this, but I hope that if any publishing houses get involved with this girl’s writings, college degree or not, they’re risking a lawsuit from JK Rowling and her publishers. Who wants that? Not I.

I’m just saying, stealing pictures is wrong. Just as wrong as rewriting the Harry Potter series into a hero story, turning poor Harry into a girl who just happens to go to a private school, and carries around a red stone. (If you read the first HP book, the red stone from the thief’s book comes directly out of the Harry Potter book.) Unfortunately, I’m no Harry Potter author so I can’t do much. Maybe reporting this wannabe writer to Mrs. Rowling would do some good? Hopefully so.

NaNoWriMo 2015 WINNER!


November 1, 2015 began National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2015. I entered the NaNo website in 2011 but because of some drama back then, I had to back out of NaNo. I lost that account so in 2014 I created my new account to try NaNoWriMo again. Unfortunately, I wimped out. I got scared of the big bad writing challenge. I spent November 2014 through September 2015 regretting that decision. I should’ve swallowed my fear, and went for it. So this year, I did. The rejection fear was and is still there, but because I’m a lot more mature and wise now, as compared to my 2011 self, the fear of rejected hate doesn’t scare me anymore. I haven’t completely forgotten about the haters. I just remembered that there’s a lot of people to prove wrong; that I CAN write, that I CAN create art, and that I CAN stand on my own feet without fail.
Guess what? I DID.
November 1st seemed so long ago. I started a 200 writing document back in September 2015 thinking it was never going to go anywhere…ever. Then my friend sent my procrastinating butt to a writing group online where we all joined hands, posted encouraging words, helped spell check, tell each other that November 30th was looming, and helped kick each other in the motivational butt.
Guess what? That group WORKED! Everyone knew that I was a procrastinator, and I preferred to watch netflix over writing. It turns out that the royalties I saw in netflix helped motivate me too! After November 9th, I started feeling guilty for not writing at least 200 words a day, because I spent the first week cranking out my novel like a mad woman.  Hell. To me this was just a game. No way could I finish writing this book by the end of the month. I was also optimistic. I laughed and thought how weird it was to undertake this 50K challenge. So I just said screw it. Let’s just write.
Then BOOM! November 9th hit. I lost 5,000 words to my document. I lost the beautiful description of my side character. I lost the starting conversation in chapter 8 of my novel. I threw in the towel. I said I QUIT. Yes. For the first time in my 27 years of life I said I quit. And so I did…for 3 days and 16 hours. I hid in my writing cave NOT WRITING but marathoning a netflix show in that time. Then anxiety took me. I became antsy, nervous, and I wasn’t able to sit still while my mind ran 1000 miles an hour. My characters started going on strike in my writing head, screaming and shouting. So to shut up my characters, I opened my writing document and began writing again. After that, I cranked out more than I thought I ever could.
Then 7 days ago, on November 20th while the validation of the NaNo began, I started faltering. I swore I wasn’t going to make my 50K word count. I reached out for help in my 47,500 word count hole, and I got so many responses cheering me on. One of my NaNo buddies said “You’re so close! You’re almost at the finish line! You’re almost done. You might as well finish 50K.” So I continued… again. I plowed like an angry mad woman through 2,000+ words in 49 hours. Low and behold, I checked my word count at 1:30 AM very early this morning, and my jaw hit the floor! I went ABOVE my 50K word count! I blew passed the 50K finish line and am heading towards my 60K finish line! Holy crap! Wow!🏃
BOOM!! I went from a tiny 200 words on November 1st to 50,365 words on November 27th! Just a little over 27 days! I even posted a graph of my daily writing count on my accounts, and it felt AWESOME to see that bar graph grow taller and taller!! I never felt so proud!
I even managed to get a cool book cover designer and hopefully I can catch an editor! (Now I feel like I’m fishing. Hahaha…) So now I have no choice but to FINISH writing my Crystal Dreams novel!
I’m so thankful to be part of such a great NaNo cheerleading team, part of the (almost) publishing world, and part of such a great NaNoWriMo writing group! Thank you to every NaNo writer who had a comment-hand in helping me succeed through my NaNo writing! It really does take a village to raise a child….in this case write a book.
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