The Best Gift: Friends

Once upon a time…

Twelve years ago, I was just a cutie little teen looking online for the newest Sailor Moon image to download and print. Back then, way back when the original YouTube domain was first released to the internet, my username was just an obscured little title. As an anime fan, I was another voice in the hordes of fangirls looking for the next cool video. Remember, this was before YouTube cracked down on “copyrights” and (Lord forbid), videos about wrestling. I’ve recently learned that YouTube has been removing randomly false flagged videos for containing any content, regardless of rating, for only containing wrestling images and audio. Not only are the domain admins removing random videos they deem “unfit” for their site, they’re allowing adult content for public viewing, multiple accounts linked to one email to exist, and more atrocious behavior which doesn’t include every account username looking for the next offensive thing to complain about. Of all the things to bother with, why wrestling? And why now?

Anyway, I’m getting off track…

One day, back when YouTube was celebrating its 1-year anniversary, I accidentally found the coolest cartoon video! The cartoon-anime-like short video was one of the first fan made videos of Chibiusa drawn by CodenameSailorEarth. Back then, she was the second Sailor Earth username out there…and fans of the non-existent “Sailor Earth” character from the popular anime and manga were furious. Before CodenameSailorEarth, there was username SailorEarth, some die-hard “Sailor Earth” non-existent-Sailor-Scout fans were extremely offended. They took this second SailorEarth username as the end of the world, and the abuse began. After a few months of the bashing, the second username “SailorEarth” was changed to CodenameSailorEarth to which it has stayed for the last decade. After the first 2 years, the original SailorEarth username faded with the times, and CodenameSailorEarth became the better known artist. Or at least that’s my take on the whole situation. I wasn’t a part of it, and I’m glad I wasn’t back then, so that’s all I got to see. Actually, I learned about the horrors of username “use” 5 years after the incident ended. Yeah, talk about my being slow. Right? Hahaha….

Anyway, if you know what Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is, then you know that Tuxedo Mask, or Mamoru Chibia in his every day attire, is a stand in for what is supposed to be “Sailor Earth”. So basically, Tuxedo Mask is the guardian of Earth just like Sailor Moon is the guardian of the Moon, Sailor Mars is the guardian of the planet Mars, Sailor Mercury is the guardian of the planet Mercury, and so on and so forth.

Well, I was just an anime artist who didn’t know much about creating videos when YouTube debuted. Who was I kidding? I didn’t know squat about creating videos back then. I was in awe of this random username “CodenameSailorEarth” and even back then, I Googled every “CodenameSailorEarth” username out there. From Myspace (remember that? Who uses that anymore? Hahaha) to web domains, the username was only attached to 1 person. There wasn’t even a band or a song called “CodenameSailorEarth” which made it easy to find my newfound artist love. Yes, I was kind of obsessed with this stranger. After months of following him or her (back then I didn’t know she was a HER. I just thought the artist was a guy.), I found out she was female, lived a wonderful, fun life of anime and manga love, and just happened to like the same exact anime I grew up with: Sailor Moon!

After months of talking, we became online pen pals. From art to video making to anime to manga, she taught me all I currently know about the worlds of Sailor Moon, anime, and manga. She even taught me how to draw in Photoshop and how to fix my online mistakes. She was my hero. And all this within the last 10 years.

Yes, that readers, is called TRUE friendship. Over 10 years of online only chats, emails, cooperation, and can you believe, phone calls, and our friendship has culminated in the current reality: WE ARE MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OUR 10 YEAR FRIENDSHIP! All started from one YouTube video compliment about her art from me to her over 10 years ago this summer. It’s funny how life gave us both ups and downs, sideways throws, curve-balls, drama, and through it all our online-only friendship has survived it all. From our differences in arguments and discussions to our similarities in agreements, our friendship has become one of the strongest pieces of history. I mean c’mon. In a current world of looking for the next “big thing” or the next “offensive moment”, I found a rock to stand on, and it was a friendship that has lasted through tears, pain, success, failures, drama, harassment, cracks, and healing. Our friendship has lasted through time, distance, and Life itself. While my high school friendships faded with growing up, time going by, and distance, this online friendship has survived all of that.

I’m blessed to say that I have one of the strongest friendships with CodenameSailorEarth on this planet. It’s something books are written about, and movies are made from. I’m glad I met this amazing, successful woman who I have come to call my dear sister. And I’m proud to know her.

Cheers to many more decades of our friendship to come!!!My BFF Anime Version

Review of The Fate of the Fast and the Furious

Review of…

The Fate of the Fast and the Furious!!


I grew up watching the original Fast and Furious movies. It was one of the greatest movie series in my generation (there are more, but this is just about the one movie franchise). The street racing and epicness in Fast and Furious spawned my family’s love for cars, racing, mechanics, and more. It definitely spawned my love for action packed movies and writing the BOOM-factor moments in my book series: Crystal Dreams, Killer Dreams, Darkness Dreams, and Forever Dreams. It’s more than likely what inspired me to write the warzones, magical fights, and chase scenes in my novels.


The Fast and the Furious: One Last Ride left a sense of closure for me, a gigantic “The End” that left my love for the story sated. I was a happy fan when I found out last year that The Fate of the Fast and the Furious was coming. I really hoped there’d be a way to bring Brian, y’all know Mister Paul Walker’s brothers helped, back for a 10 second viewing cameo or at least we’d get to see the back of his head. I’m grateful they made a gigantic nod to Paul we all knew as Brian. There’s also symbolism for Vin D’s child being named after Paul too (hint, hint). Can I just say that Letty’s faith in Dom is…just wow. That lady loves him for the world. Not just “To the Moon and Back,” but like undying, unwavering, unconditional, I’ve-never- seen-or-read-that-much-love-before kind of love. She almost seemed like she worshiped him. Well folks, that’s the love. I especially loved how much faith Letty had in Dom. Even after he was being blackmailed into helping that god-awful blonde lady, Letty still believed in Dom, that he wasn’t himself. She believed in him despite him putting a gun in her face, racing her through the streets of New York, and nearly sending her into the icy waters of Russia. F.Y.I. That blonde takes the cake for doing evil and wicked.


Anyway, the family-love, devotion to each other, and loyalty seen in previous movies spreads it on really, really thick in The Fate of the Fast and the Furious. You know what else they spread on super gooey thick like it was the last thing on Earth? Blowing stuff up! From hundreds of remote controlled cars and a submarine to a heat-seeking missle and of course let’s not forget dodging the endless amount of bullets to redirecting a submarine missle, they spared no expense in the KA-BOOOOM department. I think, though, that it might’ve gone a tad bit overboard. What was I thinking? Nah! That’s what Fast and Furious is known for: epic fast car races and the BOOM.
There IS 1 teeny tiny, micro spoiler though. This is NOT the last movie in the franchise, because well…there’s just not enough space in 2 hours to complete the story this time. Good news for those of us who like the movie series! Race on!

Review of The Ghost In The Shell (2017)

My review of…

Ghost In The Shell – the live action movie


If you don’t know what Ghost in the Shell is, please Google it. Its an adult rated manga, anime, movie series that has a fanclub which spans the world over AND spans generations (from what I recently found out).


Ghost in the Shell’s genre is science fiction – heavy in the kick-butt, action department. If you’ve seen the original VHS and DVD Ghost in the Shell movies (because, well, it was originally in VHS back when the original movie was released), then I can tell you that 95% of this 21st century remake into live action version is almost verbatim to the original animated release. So much so that despite it being a live action remake, they opened this exactly like the original animated movie did. They didn’t even bother to edit out seeing Major’s nipples during her shell’s creation (you see it in the animated movie too). They definitely left the gore in, but when a bullet hits someone…no blood. Like none. In the animated version though, there was a ton of adult content including the blood and gore. That’s just how Ghost in the Shell is.


The storyline follows exactly what the animated version does. Right down to the garbage guy running down the ally away from Major and on top of the building in the water’s reflection…then she’s chasing him…and all.


The difference in the movie now as opposed to the original animated movie is (apparently) that the original movie’s storyline was confusing (really?). But they cleared up the storyline in this live action movie. It’s way easier to follow now especially if viewers weren’t originally introduced to the 1990s anime first.
Overall, this remake is definitely a good walk down memory lane for us Ghost in the Shell fans and a good introduction to the franchise. If the movie follows the original animated movies, this Ghost in the Shell movie will not be the last. Expect to see more Major in the next live action Ghost in the Shell movie.

Author Life – The End to Crystal Dreams – Where do I go from here? 

It’s currently 11pm-ish as I sit up late, and punch through this. As emotional as I am (and sometimes dramatic) about writing, this is seriously the hardest I’m falling. You read that right. I’m writing, and I’m falling. It’s like I’ve been gutted, and my heart hurts.

For the last 20 years of my life, literally, I’ve been writing, and rewriting my Crystal Dreams novel. If you’ve followed the start of my author Tracy Millosovich Facebook page since October of 2015 (link below!), then you know that writing is my dream come true. It’s in my blood. (So is being an artist.) My entire family is artistic, and creative so it’s only natural that I found my niche in life as a creative person too, as an author.

Anyway, since I’ve rewritten my Crystal Dreams novel in the the 2015 NaNoWriMo competition into a real book which published in April 2016, I originally thought that was it. Only 1 novel. Poof! The End. Until, as you’ve seen on my online presence, my Crystal Dreams standalone novel turned into Crystal Dreams Book 1, Killer Dreams Book 2, Darkness Dreams Book 3 (releasing December 2016!)…and now….Forever Dreams Book4! I was suddenly so blessed to not only to be writing, which I absolutely love, but to turn my dream of writing into a full time career.

I love writing with a passion! It’s not just a hobby for me or a career choice, and we all know how many career choices there are in the working world. I can’t speak for anyone else, but writing, to me, is the only thing that matters in life. I take my job as an author seriously.

Where do I go from here?

Like I said, I’ve spent most, if not all, of my life writing this Dreams series. I started as a 7 year old kid with a dream, a pencil, and a 10 cent spiral notebook turning my dream into my reality. Now that creating, molding, and expanding this Crystal Dreams world is over ¾ of the way completed, I really don’t know how to proceed.

It’s like part of me is closing, and locking the door to something that’s been a part of me for so long that it’s hard to imagine “The End” as an option. Actually, ending this series was never an option when I started writing it last year. As Smith said, “Everything that has a beginning has an end…” (Yes, I totally just quoted that. Hahaha…) But it’s true. As I write the end to the Dreams series, I’m faced with an empty canvas of black, white, and grey. 

I will forever love my Dreams series, its characters, the tough times it’s helped me through, boy there were difficult times in my bullied-surviving days, but it’s come to a point where the storyline of this series is reaching its end. I will always improve its ideas. I will continue to recreate this series, and who knows. I might just do a re-release party with a better, upgraded, revamped release in 2018!…Whatever happens will happen. You and I will surf that wave when it arises.

Now that I’m done balling like a baby over the end to my Dreams series, which I never thought would happen, I’m delving head first into several new projects. As you’ve seen me hint online, I’m writing the 4 Seasons series novels (with no relation to my original 4 Dreams series novels), called Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. No, those are not the novels’ final titles.

4 seasons.

4 novels.

4 romantic stories.

The Seasons series will not be in the same fantasy romance genre as the Dreams series. Since this is my first time writing about something not magic-powers-Crystal-Dreams based, I’m afraid I might confuse you readers. Fortunately, the Seasons series novels are still romantic stories so I get to keep my crazy, romantic, dramatic storytelling. (Like that’s ever going to change, right?) So hopefully the confusion is minimal.

I’m also writing a…How do I put this?…Sci-fi-punk genre standalone. It’s called JL Beck Killer about a 20-something year old nurse whose life has become mundane, routine, and dull. Her life had become mediocre so she decides to take her knowledge of weapons, the human anatomy, and her love of helping people to the streets of a huge city, not to save lives, but to kill; murderers, thieves, pedophiles, rapists, and pretty much anyone who she saw got a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card. As all my romance stories go, I also created “The Shadow” in my JL Beck Killer novel. The Shadow’s a mystery man who’s been able to get justice for the wronged without getting caught by the law. She, my novel’s main character JL Beck, stumbles upon The Shadow while trying to save a woman’s life. The Shadow uses blades as his killing mechanism while JL uses her custom made Glock, and other bullet holding weapons.

On top of writing the JL Beck Killer, the 4 Seasons novels, and finding time for my other secret projects releasing in 2017 through 2018, I’m writing my first erotica short for an anthology, and another short story in horror for a 2017 anthology (with the collaboration of one of my favorite online writers! GASP!).

Where do I go from here? I guess…shooting in the dark here…that I go where the wonderful, crazy, dramatic characters in my writing world drag me. Lord forbid I get a say. (I don’t get a say by the way.) Oh lookie! I rhymed!

Anyway, that’s what craziness to expect from me for the rest of this year, 2016, through most if not all of 2017, and part of 2018. 

I’m also going to be in a few 2017 author signings, heading out on a trip to Arizona, and I’m still drawing free custom art for my Twitter followers between all the novel writing.

Am I busy? Always. Do I love working? Most definitely! But instead of showing up for a clock-in, clock-out office cubicle or table day, there’s nothing wrong with that, I now get to live it up as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR on top of being an artist! I get to live 2 dream come true careers, and still get to help people every single day. In honesty, there’s nothing in life I’d rather be doing than helping people too.

Thank you for supporting my dreams to be an author by buying my novels, and following me online.

Love you. Forever. Always.

~Tracy Millosovich

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Movie Reviews – The Curse of Sleeping Beauty 

I don’t usually do reviews of books or anything else since so many blogs out there do that already. What’s another blog raving about Fifty Shades of Grey (by EL James), the Hackers series (by Meredith Wild), or the Something Great series (by Mary Ting), right? So here’s my review of something non-book related.

Three friends online recommended this movie. It’s only an hour and 10 minutes long (an hour if you cut out the intro to the movie, and the end credits).

The Curse of Sleeping Beauty on Netflix brings a horror-demonic spin to the beloved Sleeping Beauty tale I loved as a child. This is NOT the fairy tale kid’s kind of movie you show little Susie after her playdate. This is a darker, terror version of the cute Disney movie.

The story begins with Thomas who wakes up from a nightmare after seeing the beautiful Beauty asleep in a bed located in a dessert out in the blazing sun (because ya know, the story couldn’t be in a royal palace or something logical like that). Thomas finds out the uncle he only knew as the family reject but never met, died from suicide, and he inherits the giant creepy mansion which he sees in his dreams but never saw in person before. After trying to get an estimate for the old place to sell it, the lady who shows up becomes oddly obsessed with the place, and starts asking all sorts of questions. After some electrical power is restored, Thomas goes exploring, and finds a weird study filled with books, maps, and one particular book he takes out of the room before shutting the door behind him. This study is hidden behind a wall, and to open the wall, he has to cut his finger and smear some of his blood into a statue. (Totally normal, right?) According to Thomas’s research, that mansion has been in his family passed down from one relative to another for several hundred years, and every person who has lived there has died in some weird way or another after going crazy. There’s also several people who have been inside the house but have never returned. That realtor estimate lady’s brother was one of the missings, hence her interest in the house. She’s spent the last year looking for her brother. There’s also a tie between the sleeping beauty in Thomas’s nightmares, and the mansion he just inherited. In his dreams, she claims that she’s asleep in the basement hidden away in the mansion. To wake up, she prompts Thomas to free her with his kiss, but she’s being guarded by a demon, the demon of the veil between life and death. (With all this crap going on, Thomas never questions why she was put to sleep, and locked away at the bottom of a basement in the first place.) The demon of the veil thwarts any intruders to the mansion with her demonic followers. Those demonic followers used to be living people the demon turned into mannequin statues brought back from the dead. That realtor’s brother was one of the mannequins turned demonic. Thomas, being the prince he is, frees the Beauty, and her little secret. She’s not all looks.

The cute pictures on the Facebook page, and the trailers gave this movie a cutesy feel to it when in fact the movie’s very dark. Especially when the weirdo investigator guy got killed by the demon inside the mansion. They didn’t edit out the blood or the gore. There’s also a part of the movie’s intro where a finger is cut by the spinning wheel’s spindle, and a giant blood drop falls down the finger with matching creepy background music.

Overall, I give this movie a decent 4 stars out of 5 because this movie got kind of lengthy during all the dialogue where a “show don’t tell” would’ve worked better. Hey, at least they picked a very pretty girl to play the sleeping beauty, and Thomas was kind of cute.

I think it would’ve been better if the ending didn’t conclude with a cliffhanger.

Authoring Sailor Moon Fandom!


I thought it would be a great idea to announce in the shadow of my book debut that I have the greatest Best Friends Forever idea!! Yes, it has to do with the rare, coveted Sailor Moon Eternal Tiaru wand in the picture!


Yes, my debut is still ONLY $.99!!!

My ultimate friendship idea was to buy TWO (yes 2!) Eternal Sailor Moon wands from the Sailor Moon Stars season and keep 1 of the two wands, and ship the other to my dear artist friend!!
What do you think?
I’m an ultimate Sailor Moon fan, aren’t I?
Don’t you wished you were my friend too?❤ Best friends forever!!

Debut Author: Release Day – Crystal Dreams

Crystal Dreams
Only 99¢ !!


This is my baby. Like a child, I’ve patiently watched the novel I wrote in 100 pages of a 20¢ notebook when I was 7 years old, grow into this colossal novel that now has spawned 3 mini babies; a series. It’s been 20 years since that notebook, and 20 years since the idea of writing sparked in my childhood. Now it’s a real living dream, my reality. I’m officially a published author, a real author. It’s still sinking in, and being officially published is still sinking in. But i’ve now realized that any of my childhood dreams can come true. Like my favorite childhood Disney movie, Cinderella had a dream too, and her tiny spark of kindness bloomed into a reality of happiness. I feel like it’s that way for my writing too. The tiny spark of creativity in my childhood grew into this big, blooming flower that’s thriving among the other published works. I couldn’t be more grateful.

In the 2 years I’ve spent rewriting that 100 pages of child-like innocence into a full length novel ready to take on the world, I’ve met some great people, and some not so great people. But overall, I have learned so much from every author I’ve come across. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a nation, a community, to raise a completed novel. And I couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful authors who have given me advice, led the way for me to follow, and stayed nearby as I grew this tiny bud of an idea into a thriving career.

Thank you so much Beyond the Next Book Blog and Promotons for being a giant part of my debut.

Thank you to the wonderful bestselling authors reaching out a kind word to me on how I should accomplish this feat. From my whole heart, thank you to each of you. You have no idea how much your kind words rang in my mind on the days I wanted to quit this, and go back to my little corner. But you all kept gently pushing me, and I’m so proud to be a part of your fanclubs.

To the editor who’s patience, and endless amount of kind words kept my distracted hands and feet on the straight and narrow. Thank you for leading the way in this crazy journey. You’ve helped me, as a person, and an author, more than you’ll ever know. Love you my newest, and dearest friend. It’s surprising how much I’ve trusted you so much so fast, and I’m glad my best selling author buddy posted your information online. I hope your business in editing is blessed and grows endless so you never have to ask for clients again. Love you girly.

To the artist who put color to my imagination: thank you for taking a chance on me. Your amazing, breathtaking cover art design skills are unmatched, and I love you for it. Thank you for letting me sit at the cool kid’s table, and thank you for giving me something to look up to, your book.

Lastly, to the 3 women who first believed the tiny seed in my head could grow into a bestselling novel back when we met all those years ago. Thank you my dearest DeviantART friends, and the artist’s whose love for anime and manga inspired my imagination to go further. Hoping everything you do is as much a blessing to your life as much as your kindness has been wonderful blessing to me. I’m so glad to know all of you. Hope we stay friends for many more years to come no matter what different movies we like hahaha

Thank you to the wonderful authors who took a chance on my release party. Thank you for joining me in celebrating my debut, and being there for me. You’re all awesome writers, and I hope you have more success in the future. Thank you for the kind compliments. I couldn’t have asked for better buddies.

Most of all, thank you to every single person who bought my debut novel, Crystal Dreams. Thank you for spending the dollar on my debut. All of this is a gigantic shout out to each one of you!

To get your hands on my bestselling fantasy romance novel, check out Amazon. ❤ Thank you all!

20 years of constantly writing, and rewriting bloomed into my Crystal Dreams come true!! Thank you for buying my book!

Currently ranking Top 100 Bestselling!
#39 in folklore and myths

Thank you so much for buying my book!