The Bookworm Box: Donation for Good and Books


The story so far…

Some great things that happened this year!

I’m officially an author! I have a legit cover designer, and an official editor. I’m so grateful!

I’m so excited for the cover reveal of Crystal Dreams! But first…

Check out The Bookworm Box!

It’s run by NYT Best Seller, U.S.A. Best Seller, and International Best Seller Colleen Hoover (CoHo)! The basics: it’s a site, and store, where authors can donate swag, autographed paperback books, and other things to BWB (Bookworm Box);subscribers, and all that money, buying, gift, giving, goes to great charitable causes throughout the world!

Today I finally got my first Bookworm box!

There’s all these beautiful bookmarks, postcards, and 3 signed paperback books! Hopefully I can contribute to the dominations when my novel is published! Very excited! Until then, I’m a loyal subscriber! I can’t wait for December’s purple box!