BOOTLEG Merchandise – How NOT To Be A Dumb Buyer

August 14, 2019

The original title of this was supposed to be “Bootleg Beware” … but I think this actual title fits appropriately.

I thought the time came to confront this head on. I’m talking about BOOTLEGS. Da-da-daaaahhhh!

For newcomers, and some people who don’t know, the word BOOTLEG means manufacturing and selling cheaply made copies of an original thing (i.e. dolls, figurines, props, cosplays, etc.) to make a quick buck. These copies almost always contain figure malformations, wrong or missing accessories, wrong or missing stands, incorrect paint jobs, and in some cases, the wrong item in the packaging all together….or even no item in the packaging at all.

Side note: A lot of resin figures in the garage kit crafting communities are labeled “bootlegs,” but since a lot of the original resin kits are over $1,000 per original unpainted figure, I think the bootleg versions are sometimes worth it. In fact, there are some resin figures that are only sold through bootleg recast websites, because the original figure isn’t created (like a resin figure made from an artist’s picture).


BOOTLEGS have gained an unsavory reputation due to many, many people claiming they’re “ugly,” “cheap,” or for whatever reason. Sometimes, this is the case, but in the prop making, resin figures, and crafting communities, this is mostly prejudged notions…since, ya know, there’s no way I’d buy a $900 wand for my cosplay, bring it with me to anywhere, and let it get damaged, lost, or stolen. In this case, a hand crafted copy of something for $80 that accidentally gets broken in 3 pieces is better than the wand you spent $900 on.

Anyway, BOOTLEGS of popular and unpopular merchandise have been bought and sold since the internet began. It became widespread and known on the Ebay website. At least back then, sellers had the decency to tell buyers that the thing they sold was a bootleg. More importantly, buyers had the brains to ask if the thing they bought was legitimate or bootleg before buying it. Like, that was a legit thing buyers did! They asked questions! People used their brains instead of pointing fingers and pushing blame. MIND BLOWING, RIGHT?!! Few problems occurred back tgen for sellers, because buyers knew what they were getting. And few problems occurred for buyers, because they didn’t go into any transaction ignorant or blind.

Nowadays, it’s typical knowledge to DO YOUR RESEARCH before buying something that’s $10 when, everywhere else online, the thing is being sold for $90. As long as I’ve been collecting merchandise, it has not been considered rude to ask the seller if anything is bootleg or legitimate. When a buyer asks if something is legitimate or bootleg, the seller should answer honestly. Though…some sellers aren’t honest. [Like that girl who sold me a bootleg item from 2010….but that’s a blog post for another day.)

I’ve grown a brain after the first year of collecting. I figured out if something was legitimate or bootleg by researching it, and as a seller, I kind of expect my buyers to have brains. Most people just assume that if it’s for sale, it’s not a bootleg. What?! Always, ALWAYS ask the seller if what your buying is a legitimate item or a bootleg knockoff! I know of several people, someone I even dealt with this week, who sold me something that was a bootleg, but they tried to pass it off as legitimate. I confronted the seller with “I will pay for this, BUT I demanded that they explain to me why they tried to sell me a bootleg item worth no more that $10 and they try to sell it to me for $50”. I also sent them the evidence of my findings: the legitimate item photographs next to their item with links to bootleg copies, and information I found. (The item I was interested in had the incorrect color paint, the item’s stand was the wrong design and wrong color, and I sent a link to the seller of an ebay listing with a photo had the seller’s item was on to prove my research even further.) As a buyer, I asked questions! I got blocked, obviously, but it goes to show that you can’t trust every seller [or buyer] willy nilly just because you want something shiny or “cool” you see online. 

As a seller, I’ve only been rude to a customer twice in the decade I’ve been selling. TWO TIMES! The first time was when I sold something to someone, it arrived, and she attempted to file a refund for a scam and unshipped item. I, obviously informed her that I knew she had a long history of trashing previous buyers online, and I replied that I truly didn’t want to sell to her. She was the world’s worst human. NOT the world’s worst buyer. She was the world’s worst human! I also informed her that Hitler was nicer than she was, and trust me, if anyone has ever been deemed worse than the notorious murderer Hitler, that person is truly a horrible person, not just a bad buyer. I have piles upon piles of positive feedback to prove my good customer service, too, so I have experienced both the good customers and the psychotic-crazy-stalker customers. The second incident was quite recently when a customer bought an item that was never sold under $50 for my listed price of $10. The sale post even said [ Bootleg ] right on it. Even a half-blind monkey could see the giant word. When the customer got the item, she got beyond pissed. First, because the item I sold her was a bootleg, because…ya know…my sale post even said it was, and second, because she made the mistake of buying an item that’s usually $50 for $10. A 90% price drop on anything is almost never a good sign! Obviously, I got blamed for the customer’s inconvenience and bashed for selling something I marked as bootleg as authentic. So the customer claims I lied, but I’ve been posting and reposting the original sale post that clearly states [ Bootleg ] on it. I don’t think taking credit for someone else’s stupidity is right. Even when I started collecting in 2009, I read every single item description of anything I wanted to buy. I was definitely a noob back then. As in, if the item had my favorite show’s logo on it, I bought it,  bootlegs or legitimate. Obviously, even I knew some of that stuff was bootleg, but I never trashed the sellers for my choices to buy bootleg. I’ll never be dumb. It’s always the customer’s choice, not the seller’s choice, to buy anything. Frankly, as a customer, if, or when,  you trash and “expose” a seller as “selling bootleg items” when it’s your own incompetence for not reading the item description, it’s not any seller’s fault. It’s your own. Truth is, you’re simply a dumb buyer making a dumb choice, especially if the item is listed as [ Bootleg ] and you buy it anyway on the “hope” that it’s legit. Trust me, in over 10 years of buying and selling, no seller has ever sold a legitimately licensed….anything…that’s worth $50+ for only $10.

I kind of got off topic there. Anyway, the best way to tell if something is legitimate or bootleg is the PRICE. I’ll keep repeating myself: DO YOUR RESEARCH before buying something. ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you don’t know what you’re buying and you just buy stuff left and right based on pictures without reading any item descriptions, your choices are on YOU. The fault is on YOU. Not the seller.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has bought something from me thanking me for the $10 or $5 merchandise, receiving the stuff they bought for cheap, and then getting mad AT ME after they didn’t ask if it was legitimate or bootleg…and it’s even worse, blaming me for their choice to buy a bootleg without reading the description that even has [ Bootleg ] in the item description. Like, um…hello…? An item that’s normally $60 is being sold for $10 or $5! – That should’ve been the first red flag! Was there a brain in there somewhere when you bought it? Was the photographs and a live video not enough evidence it was bootleg?


The bottom line how to tell if something is legitimate or bootleg is: 

  1. The most important thing: do research on the things you’re buying. Look up photos and live videos of the item you’re buying BEFORE you buy it. Don’t just be ignorant. Buying something without know what you’re getting is just…dare I say…stupid.
  2. Ask the seller if the item is legitimate or bootleg! Always! It’s not wrong or rude to ask questions. (Sellers ask me questions about the merchandise I have for sale all the time, even if they don’t buy anything.)
  3. Question the price tag on the item(s)!! 99.9% of sellers will never sell something that’s worth $100 for $10! It’s not wrong or illegal to ask the seller why the item is so cheap. Again, it’s not rude to ask questions.

The last thing I needed add is directed at buyers, since I have over a decade of buying online experience. I actually learned this truth in the first 2 months of buying things online. DON’T harass the seller and DON’T blame the seller for your own ignorance.


To: Buyers,

Harassing the seller, spamming the seller, and/or trolling the seller’s previous customers ensures you will never get to buy the things you want. Most seller hate drama and negativity. You will more than likely be banhammered and blocked online for trolling a seller. Harassing a seller is actually rude, immature, and stupid. As a buyer and a seller myself, sellers are not obligated to sell anyone anything. As a seller, we can, and will, refund your money and ghost you if or when you harass us. Why? Because kindness goes a lot further than harassing meanness. And! There’s always someone else who is willing to be kind enough to buy from us and not make us deal with drama.

Also To: Buyers

It is not anyone else’s fault but your own if you buy a bootleg item thinking it’s legit. There are thousands, if not millions, of online websites, videos, posts and information you can look up. There are collector and buyer websites that show the exact description information, correct colors, exact item measurements, legitimate photos from other people who own the item you want to buy, and there are even websites dedicated to posting photos with information about any bootleg versions. You just have to look it up. Sellers won’t hold your hand. 



An example of hand holding: In 2017, I had to hold someone’s hand, virtually, and guide them through link after link, message after message, on whether or not what they were buying was a legitimate item or a bootleg. If I’m willing to do that for a buyer back then, I will do it now. It’s not bad to ask for information or for help. But buying something out of a rush and then blaming the seller for your own purchase is both ignorant and wrong on so many levels.

In a decade, I’ve never sold anything bootleg, but marked it as legitimate. I have, however, been blamed for successfully shipping a bootleg to a buyer and then getting blamed for selling them a bootleg when they didn’t bother to ask if it was a bootleg version or a legitimate item. It was even more pathetic when the buyer didn’t read the item’s description that listed the item as [ Bootleg ]. Trust me, if it was the real, legitimate item, it would have been sold as $40 to $90 since that’s what the legitimate items sell for everywhere else. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that a $10 item with a weird-looking paint job isn’t legitimate when the pristine, official item that’s painted correctly sells for $40 minimum. Even as a noob buyer in 2009, I knew this logic.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you found it informative. If you’d like more information on what’s bootleg and what’s not, send me a private message or email me.

I do not reply to Sailor Moon related emails or private messages on my Tracy social media account or email. If you need to contact me in regards to selling, buying, anime, and/or manga topics, please get a hold of me through my personal account and my personal email. All private messages and emails to my author information regarding non-author and book related things will be blocked. I like to keep my book obsession and anime/nerd obsession separate. I’ve had to block several people contacting me through my author information for asking about anything  related to Sailor Moon and anime. Thank you for understanding that my loves for anime and Sailor Moon and books aren’t the same things.

For author and book related inquiries, contact my Tracy Millosovich social media account, my Tracy Millosovich author page, or email me at

For anime and Sailor Moon related emails, please email me at

DO NOT send emails to my Tracy Millosovich email or my personal email demanding I speak to you. I will block you. All other “personal information” listed for me by bullies harassing me is either fake information to troll me, or inaccurate information found online.

Update September 28, 2019

I already mentioned this, but I want to make absolutely sure that all you people who read this blog post realize something. No matter how mant time blame is shifted or how many people point fingers, the fact of the matter is, t’s not the seller’s fault for a buyer’s incompetence for buying a BOOTLEG of something. Especially if that item was marked BOOTLEG and the buyer buys the item or items anyway. It’s like going to a car dealership, seeing a $70,000 car selling at $40,000 and buying the vehicle, signing the papers, and wzlking away with the car keys. And then an hour or a day later, getting pissed off at the sales person for your own purchase. No, customers are not always right/correct. Sometimes they make dumb choices, and hasty decisions.

HASTE MAKES WASTE. This should be tattooed on the buyers who make quick decisions without knowing what they bought, because they were too much in a hurry to buy something. I mean, again, if something that’s normally sold everywhere at $50 to $100 is being sold for $10, don’t be a dumb idiot and assume it’s a “Great Price!” It’s not any seller’s fault for publicizing that something they’re selling is bootleg, and a dumb buyer buys the item (that obviously has a bad paint job and was marked as BOOTLEG in big, bold letters) is authentic just because of the pretty pictures.



Diary of an Author – Coming Soon


Dear Author Diary,


This will be my new diary; a story of life as an indie author trying to make a living and trying to put meals on my plate…instead of just crumbs. Currently, there are excerpts of the “Diary of An Author” released and more entries to come. I know. When my first book, Crystal Dreams Book One, released on April 2016. I’ve said that this diary was going to be released in 2017…Then 2018….But writing this diary for a few years now, I’ve started re-re-writing my first novel in 2015.[…] so pushing this diary off to release at its best is my point. I don’t want to release something no one wants to read.

It took me twenty years to write and complete Crystal Dreams Book 1. It will more than likely take a little bit of time to write “The Diary of an Author,” to get it edited, and to release it to the world.[…] hopefully…

As most readers know, I was only (almost) 8 years old in the summer of 1997 when I came across something called “writing”. I started out writing as a coping mechanism to escape the childhood I had. After all, my mom blamed me for being born a girl (was not my fault – I didn’t ask to be born), my brothers hated me for looking like I was more “American” than Asian (brown hair and all), and my dad….He never talked to me except the 4 times in my life where he told me, “You need to listen to your mom more.” That’s my childhood. Did I mention the day-ins and day-outs of being beaten? My 10 years (that I know of) is riddled with violence. I only thought of being a kind person because of some heroine girl on television named Sailor Moon. I wanted to grow up to be her and save the world from the violence I know existed too well. Turns out, I wasn’t out to save the world. I was only here to stand on my own feet and save myself.[…]

When I was three years old, my first memory, I saw my dad hit my mom, and my dad was sent away. To this day, I still don’t know where he went. Then he came back less than a day later. No one ever talks about my first memory as a child. No one ever talks about my childhood and the truth inside it: physical abuse, verbal hatred, demeaning me, belittling me, and telling me how I’m fat starting from when I was only four years old. Honestly, how can a little four year old Asian girl, who looks more Caucasian than Asian, be considered “fat”? Please explain that to me.[…]

While my dearest friend’s memory is of watching heroines fight back guys on T.V., I lived that heroine life trying to fight bad guys…in real life; my family. My whole childhood had been a soap opera (that’s what my friend, Chi, said). I know this “Diary of an Author” is a very personal and private thing to write-living life in poverty, living on the streets, trying to get and keep food on my plate and hoping the rain doesn’t get through the leaky roof onto my bedroom floor.

With all the bad things being said about authors and why we’re actually writing-for money, for attention, for fame, for everything except enjoyment-I think it’s about time someone ought to the set the record straight. I know. Truth doesn’t go as far now-a-days as it did 30 years ago. Lies spread like fire as if life is wood after a drought, but people need to know, life as an author is not all sunny days and fun times autographing books. My life, anyway, has only been one bad crying night after another begging for food and hoping for enough this month so I don’t spend next month sleeping on the streets. Again. Turns out, the truth hurts, and I’m about to write every moment of it….From the eyes of an author through the “Diary of an Author”…..


Coming Soon

Getting My [BLEEP] Together

I’ve been neglecting my adulting duties so I cleaned my house spotless. I neglected being a responsible adult, so I have no more bills since they’re all paid. I neglected my family so I got back into contact with my cousins and my aunts. And yes, my mom, too.

But most of all, I’ve neglected my writing the most. I just want to write and write and write with no end, but it’s become impossible. I do so much during the day that when I sit at my screen at night, all my energies are already spent. So I just fall asleep thinking, “Tomorrow will be the day I get my [bleep] back in gear.” Well, it’s happened. Tomorrow is now today. I invested in a someone special whose job is solely to help me get my [bleep] back in gear. As in, I will have a new writing schedule, there will be less posting on Facebook besides the “Diary of an Author” posts, and less scrolling through the internet looking to buy Sailor Moon merchandise. Not like I don’t have enough already (hint, hint, Sailor Chibi Moon’s Bell, hint, hint).

It’s hard, ya know, to try to balance real life with writing all the time. I can’t imagine doing this with 4 kids, a husband, a dog, AND a full-time author job. I mean, two things are enough. I’m hoping that by the time I have another baby, I won’t have to work my day job and my author life will simply sustain us all. And if that cute man would just propose already, that would speed my life along. Just kidding, T! Haha…. I actually, truly respect this dearest BFF of mine. He’s also a great sounding board for my writing too.

And guess what? He’s not a Fifty Shades fan like I am, but he’s not a complete hater either. Yes! I met a guy who doesn’t completely abhor Fifty Shades with that “it’s sexual harassment” idea. Does anyone who says that even know what exactly it is? Seriously? I do!

😊 To top off my BFF’s perfections, he likes video games like I do, collects Sailor Moon merch like I do, and likes to write, not as an author, but just for fun. Geez! Did I find the perfect man or what? I think he’s a marriage deal. I even like his mother. She’s not a crazy person! Wow, I’m impressed.

Anyway, I think I found the perfect team of players for my author team, and now I just need to start pressing that publishing button.

P.S. EL James has announced that there is a Fifty Shades Book 4 coming, but it might be a long time from now until we hear anything else. Don’t worry, haters. She’s not writing books for you.



My Objectives In Writing

Being an author is a tiring life.

You can read all about the unfiltered truths inside being an author after the release of my “Diary of an Author” book coming in 2018 or in mid-2019 depending on the span of the diary. Yes, it’s a true diary of my life as an author and the hardships I had to go through to be the author I am today.

Many readers requested the diary in 2015 before I even published a single book. In 2017, more readers requested the diary. But due to the drama of January 2018, I pulled the silent release of “Diary of an Author” from Wattpad and decided that the book deserves a true publisher who will do its publication justice. By justice, I mean spread the gas that will set this diary into a a blazing inferno that will hopefully never get the book removed from the internet as long as the internet exists. The Diary of an Author will not be published by another half-baked kid on a computer trying to use my success as an author, and other authors’ successes, as a stepping stone to gain internet fame. That’s what has happened to disable my diary’s planned release for this year. The drama was all too real and it hasn’t ended … yet.

The Diary of an Author will reveal the true reasons I write: to escape the violence of being in an abusive friendship where I was being verbally abused, degraded and demeaned by someone I was naive (and ignorant) in trusting, and writing was the tool I used to escape as much as I could from the violent relationships I survived from the last ten years on top of the violence I had suffered at the hands of my family during my entire childhood. That childhood included being beaten up in a school playground because I was different, and not even because I looked more “Caucasian” as a child with brown hair than I did as a black-haired “Asian”.

Yes, someone’s actually going around lying that what happened to me happened to her. I have the scars on my abdomen to prove it was me who was beaten up and she or he just stole my life story. That’s the final reason I wrote this Diary of an Author: To tell the final truth of my life and try to smother the many lies and rumors people who are threatened by my success tried to use to make me invisible. I’m not invisible anymore, and I will no longer sit in a corner and stay quiet like a wall flower. I wasn’t a quiet wall flower as a child or a teenager, and now that I’m an adult, I’m even less so.

I’m only twenty nine years old and I’ve only been dating since I was 18 years old, but I’ve gain wisdom and life experiences as if I’ve been in the military, gone overseas to war, and home with PTSD. I seriously think pretending my past didn’t exist so 3 people (or 10) can lie about me easier will make me a better writer or a better woman. Writing this diary will only make things better for me in the long-run.

While life has been hard on me, writing has been the easy part…except when I was told for 3 years by a, now ex friend, that I needed to tone down my writing. Um…excuse me? Tone my writing down? Who am I writing for? Six year olds or 13 year olds? My books don’t need to be censored like a Sailor Moon 1999s episode so someone who doesn’t want to see my life story and the blood that went with it can sleep better at night. It wasn’t their nights that were filled with death threats at the age of 5 years old. And it wasn’t them who got raped at 19 years old. So explain to me why I should tone my shine down? So someone out there doesn’t get a sunburn? Get sunscreen or just stay out of my sunshine. If a teenager can swallow a book I write where kids get kidnapped in wars, adults can handle reading that I, a 29 year old author got raped as a 19 year old and didn’t stop writing.

More of the diary coming soon.

Tracy Millosovich


New Life – New Stories

When life gives you lemons, write a book!!


Release: January 1, 2019:

Lucifer vs. archangel Michael with a new opposing angel enemy on the horizon. When it’s brother verses brother, who will finally walk away alive or will a new enemy unite these feuding brothers?


Release: Spring 2019

When archangel, Michael, goes to Earth to finish a task: kill his brother, Lucifer, he’s met with a stronger enemy, a HUMAN WOMAN. Will his sword break before his sword, or will he let a new enemy take his future?

I love writing love stories!!

Death Note – Netflix Movie

If you don’t know what the original manga, anime, and live action movies called Death Note is, google it.

In the original manga written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata, the storyline gets complicated. The anime release of the manga follows closely to the original manga’s complicated and interesting story.

The 2006 live action movies called “Death Note” and “Death Note: The Last Name” followed with the original manga story. Because the story was split into two movies each movie being an hour and a half long each, there was time to add in as much background and character developstorywith details as possible. I especially loved how closely related to the manga the famous detective “L” was between the manga and the 2 live action movies. Light Yagami was cool too! At least the Japanese movies followed the story with the manga. The anime was good too. They even split the story into the 2 movies at a good point, when the first movie ended with “Kira 1” and the second movie began with “Kira 2”. Even the Shinigami names for Ryuk and Rem stayed alongside the manga.

As for the American version of Death Note released on Netflix in 2017, a lot was changed and not just the location of the story. While the anime and manga showed Light Yagami in a well functioning family, that basic foundation was missing in the 2017 Death Note American version. It’s disturbing how a “regular family” was not shown in the Americanized movie considering how “Americanized” they tried to set this movie as. Light Yagami’s name was changed to Light Turner to sound more “American”. Instead of the Yagami (Turner) family being Light, his mom, and his sister with his dad as a workaholic yet respectable police officer, in the 2017 Death Note American version, Light has no siblings making him an only child, his mom’s dead, and his dad is an unrespected cop absolutely no one likes who stills seems to be a workaholic. While the Japanese Light Yagami was a good-grades student who was shown as a good school role model, the American Light Turn was aschoolwho got caught being paid to do other students’ homework and ended up in trouble. A lot. Wow. Pathetic. It’s one thing to trim the “Turner” family to seem “American” but not every family has a dead parent, a loser student. or workaholic loner.

The start of the story is located not in Japan, but in …. Seattle, Washington. You know, the same setting as another movie already released this year. I’ll give you a hint: billionaire business man. 😉

The entire time I’m watching this Death Note reset in America movie, the only thing I’m thinking is “How has Light not run into Anastasia Steele or Kate or Christian Grey?” LOL The city’s big, but it’s not so big that no one can run into each other.

Also, the police are useless during the investigation into “Kira”. Despite the logic of “L” following Light Turner around and cameras in the Turner’s home, there’s no phone tapping, no background investigations into potential suspects, nothing! In a world of online social networks and GPS locating, it should at least be easier to pinpoint a suspect like Light. In the Japanes live action movies, Light Yagami had to ignore Ryuk and pretend like his life was dull. In the American movie, that was easily dismissed. No one bothered to wonder “Odd…Light sure is eating a ton more apples that humanly possible.”  Light Turner texts his “girlfriend” and gets a phone call from “L’s” friend, but no one who is actually tracking him finds this out. About “L”: he seems to randomly figure out that Light is “Kira”. There’s no investigation into how “L” came to his conclusions, no foreshadow to his logic, and nothing makes any sense. How does “L” end up suspecting Kira was in the U.S. if he was still in Japan? (There is a tiny scene that hints L hopped a plane from Japan to America.) Did “L” get a magic premonition about Kira’s potential location? Did another Shinigami tell him?

After the runaround, Light (Kira), kills L’s friend. In the 2 part Japanese movies, L responds with emotional but calculated strategy to catch Light after L’s friend is targeted. In the 2017 movie, L just retrieves a gun that had not been previously revealed (so basically he’s just lugging a gun around in a gigantic suitcase for no reason and no one seems to wonder why), steals a police car that just happens to be unlocked, and magically catches Light Turner in an alley after running after him for several blocks. After cornering Light in an alley, a random person not seen before just happens to help “Kira” after L says he’s a detective with the local police by hitting L in the back of the head. The popularity of Kira doesn’t spread as vast in this American movie as Kira’s popularity was in the 2-part movies based in Japan. So some random guy just happens to be in the alley after L hunts Light down, and the random guy just happens to be a fan of Kira? 

While the anime, the manga, and the 2-part movies explained Light’s girlfriend’s death as a purpose that helped the story progress, the American movie basically killed Light’s girlfriend, saved Light, and Light ends up safe in a “coma” in the hospital. Oh! By the way, Light’s girlfriend just happened to die. L is kicked off the police force investigation team for everything he did (makes sense), but nothing is shown as to where he had gone. Light reveals everything to his dad the cop, but nothing bad comes of it. In fact, his dad seems glad if not relieved that the bad guy who killed his wife was dead and Light is the infamous Kira. In the 2-part Japanese movies, Light Yagami’s dad was surprised that Light was even a part of the entire Kira ordeal. His dad was pissed and understandably so. In the American version, Light’s dad basically just shrugs it off.

Another annoying change in the American version was that when a random person touched the Death Note, Ryuk was not seen by said person. Normally, if a person touched the Death Note, the Shinigami was revealed. Wasn’t that a rule in the Death Note? Other rules inside the Death Note seemed to be ignored or bent by the characters of the story besides that. The “handing the Death Note to a new person” rule was bent or removed as if the Death Note had rules but nothing applied to anyone. As far as I figured, whoever will be the “Misa Amane” and Misa’s Shinigami Rem will appear after the cliffhanger to the American movie. Unfortunately, there’s no foreshadow to Misa coming into the storyline or that there are any other Shinigami besides Ryuk so to put Misa and Rem into the story will be difficult.
Overall, this was an OK attempt for an American re-release, but some things didn’t fit or make sense in this. The graphics seemed OK, not the best, but at least Ryuk kept his original name.