Getting My [BLEEP] Together

I’ve been neglecting my adulting duties so I cleaned my house spotless. I neglected being a responsible adult, so I have no more bills since they’re all paid. I neglected my family so I got back into contact with my cousins and my aunts. And yes, my mom, too.

But most of all, I’ve neglected my writing the most. I just want to write and write and write with no end, but it’s become impossible. I do so much during the day that when I sit at my screen at night, all my energies are already spent. So I just fall asleep thinking, “Tomorrow will be the day I get my [bleep] back in gear.” Well, it’s happened. Tomorrow is now today. I invested in a someone special whose job is solely to help me get my [bleep] back in gear. As in, I will have a new writing schedule, there will be less posting on Facebook besides the “Diary of an Author” posts, and less scrolling through the internet looking to buy Sailor Moon merchandise. Not like I don’t have enough already (hint, hint, Sailor Chibi Moon’s Bell, hint, hint).

It’s hard, ya know, to try to balance real life with writing all the time. I can’t imagine doing this with 4 kids, a husband, a dog, AND a full-time author job. I mean, two things are enough. I’m hoping that by the time I have another baby, I won’t have to work my day job and my author life will simply sustain us all. And if that cute man would just propose already, that would speed my life along. Just kidding, T! Haha…. I actually, truly respect this dearest BFF of mine. He’s also a great sounding board for my writing too.

And guess what? He’s not a Fifty Shades fan like I am, but he’s not a complete hater either. Yes! I met a guy who doesn’t completely abhor Fifty Shades with that “it’s sexual harassment” idea. Does anyone who says that even know what exactly it is? Seriously? I do!

😊 To top off my BFF’s perfections, he likes video games like I do, collects Sailor Moon merch like I do, and likes to write, not as an author, but just for fun. Geez! Did I find the perfect man or what? I think he’s a marriage deal. I even like his mother. She’s not a crazy person! Wow, I’m impressed.

Anyway, I think I found the perfect team of players for my author team, and now I just need to start pressing that publishing button.

P.S. EL James has announced that there is a Fifty Shades Book 4 coming, but it might be a long time from now until we hear anything else. Don’t worry, haters. She’s not writing books for you.



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