The Lesson of Sailor Moon


All about Sailor Moon and the world I came from.

Born in the end of the 80s and raised in the 90s, all I knew was Barbie and Sailor Moon. Yes, THAT Sailor Moon; the original heroine that originally came from a child-based manga raised into the entity that took over the anime world….before Pokemon of course. Yes, Sailor Moon DID come before Pokemon here in the United States if you can imagine that. No, I’m not talking about that 2016 Pokemon GO game. That was for all you young folks. No, I’m not that old. Hahaha…I’m only 29 years old. I was RAISED with every episode of Sailor Moon. I only knew one hero: Sailor Moon. While everyone else in my neighborhood followed Spiderman or Superman or (my mother liked) Wonder Woman, I was the first few 1990s kids to know of anything called anime in the United States. In school, no one knew about that either. It was just my friend, Lee Anna, and I. We were the only 2 kids in a school of over 900 kids who even liked the show back then. Trust me, Pokemon caught on like wildfire, but NOT Sailor Moon. Maybe it’s because Sailor Moon in the 90s was aimed at children between 2 years old and 9 years old, and MOSTLY for girls? I mean, you barely saw a BOY who liked Sailor Moon over Pokemon when I was growing up. Now it’s not a big deal, but in the 90s it WAS a big deal. Boys got severely bullied for liking Sailor Moon. Yeah, I grew up in a horrible city. Now remember, I was only 7 years old when I saw my first Sailor Moon episode (the original DiC English Dub). Yeah, horrible dubbing, but it was good for that time period. I still laugh at the lame one-liners the Senshi / Scouts would shout at the enemies. Hahaha…. Too funny!!

Anyway, that was my world. I didn’t know about these fights over “who’s better than whom” or “which Sailor Moon fan’s better than whom”. All of that was irreverent to my love of the anime. In honest truth, there was a “Sailor Moon Says” segment at the end of one of the episodes which addressed the very reality of bullying, being mean, and all that. Some days I wonder if I was the only person who bothered to learn the lessons those segments were meant to teach to children. I wonder…

In the end, I was a fan of the SHOW, not a fan of the fans of the show. I was a fan of SAILOR MOON, not a fan of the groupies surrounding the show. I was a fan of the heroism lessons of the show. I was never a fan of which fan of Sailor Moon was better: Melinda or Cherry? (I totally just made those fan names up on the spot by the way.) I was never following the screaming fights online about which Sailor Moon fan was doing what, who was “bullying” whom, or any of that. I was, and will always be, ONLY A FAN OF SAILOR MOON. I don’t care about any of the dramatic garbage the fanclub drums up. i’m not a fan of the fanbase. I’m a fan of the SHOW. IF it’s that hard to understand my point, then that’s OK. I’ll never be a fan of the most popular “Sailor Moon “#1″ fangirl”. I’ll never be the stalker of [insert username here] because she or he has the biggest fan-loving love of Sailor Moon. My love for the anime begins and ends with Sailor Moon. That’s it. I’m sorry if that offends some people who think I need to like [insert username here]’s pictures, accounts, and posts to be “considered” a fan of Sailor Moon. I’ll always be ONLY a fan of Sailor Moon. None of this “he said, she said / he’s and she’s better than him and her” crap. And yes, it’s crap. Sailor Moon never taught me to pick and choose who was better than whom. Sailor Moon taught me several lessons, and one of those lessons was favoritism never won. Not in the Negaverse. Not in Sailor Moon. Not anywhere in the manga either. I won’t even get started on the arguments surrounding the manga differences and the “but it really meant this” petty crap. What I read was the original Tokyopop and MIXX mangas. I never read into the fine-details of “what if’s” some fans got into. It’s cute, I agree, but it’s only cute as long as it stayed off my love for the anime.

I like the new Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s like a gigantic “Thank you” from Naoko Takeuchi to the rest of us fans who liked the show for over 20 years. It’s like a giant cake we can have and eat too. (I can toally see Usagi’s drooling expression here. Hahaha…) The reason I like the SMC anime is because it’s based off the manga. So much so that I took it upon myself form the first act to find similarities between the SMC show and the manga images. It was fun to see the colorized versions of the manga I’ve come to love. I’ve never lashed out at anyone for liking Sailor Moon as much as I have, or disputed with anyone for not liking Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s a person’s own opinion and that never hurt me any. In the end, a lot of fans have forgotten that this is a SHOW and will remain a SHOW. It’s ONLY A SHOW. It’s NOT real. Believe me, I’ve seen people, fans of Sailor Moon, harass, bully, and even threaten to kill other fans for their differences in opinions. Well, people have been killed for less.

My point is, the characters of Sailor Moon have taught me one thing that has stuck out to me over the course of 20+ years: BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. And some fans have forgotten that basic lesson. Time and time again, episode after episode, manga page after manga page, that was one of the biggest lessons of all in Sailor Moon (besides the lesson that good always triumphs over evil). 😉

In honesty though, I believe some fans have forgotten that lesson while some fans chose just to ignore the lesson. As for me, I’ve chosen to simply live by that lesson, because being nice, kindness, has truly triumphed over evil. After 200 episodes, 3 movies, a new show, and a few new generations of fans, kindness has shined above everything else. I liked that most of all about the anime.