The Best Gift: Friends

Once upon a time…

Twelve years ago, I was just a cutie little teen looking online for the newest Sailor Moon image to download and print. Back then, way back when the original YouTube domain was first released to the internet, my username was just an obscured little title. As an anime fan, I was another voice in the hordes of fangirls looking for the next cool video. Remember, this was before YouTube cracked down on “copyrights” and (Lord forbid), videos about wrestling. I’ve recently learned that YouTube has been removing randomly false flagged videos for containing any content, regardless of rating, for only containing wrestling images and audio. Not only are the domain admins removing random videos they deem “unfit” for their site, they’re allowing adult content for public viewing, multiple accounts linked to one email to exist, and more atrocious behavior which doesn’t include every account username looking for the next offensive thing to complain about. Of all the things to bother with, why wrestling? And why now?

Anyway, I’m getting off track…

One day, back when YouTube was celebrating its 1-year anniversary, I accidentally found the coolest cartoon video! The cartoon-anime-like short video was one of the first fan made videos of Chibiusa drawn by CodenameSailorEarth. Back then, she was the second Sailor Earth username out there…and fans of the non-existent “Sailor Earth” character from the popular anime and manga were furious. Before CodenameSailorEarth, there was username SailorEarth, some die-hard “Sailor Earth” non-existent-Sailor-Scout fans were extremely offended. They took this second SailorEarth username as the end of the world, and the abuse began. After a few months of the bashing, the second username “SailorEarth” was changed to CodenameSailorEarth to which it has stayed for the last decade. After the first 2 years, the original SailorEarth username faded with the times, and CodenameSailorEarth became the better known artist. Or at least that’s my take on the whole situation. I wasn’t a part of it, and I’m glad I wasn’t back then, so that’s all I got to see. Actually, I learned about the horrors of username “use” 5 years after the incident ended. Yeah, talk about my being slow. Right? Hahaha….

Anyway, if you know what Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is, then you know that Tuxedo Mask, or Mamoru Chibia in his every day attire, is a stand in for what is supposed to be “Sailor Earth”. So basically, Tuxedo Mask is the guardian of Earth just like Sailor Moon is the guardian of the Moon, Sailor Mars is the guardian of the planet Mars, Sailor Mercury is the guardian of the planet Mercury, and so on and so forth.

Well, I was just an anime artist who didn’t know much about creating videos when YouTube debuted. Who was I kidding? I didn’t know squat about creating videos back then. I was in awe of this random username “CodenameSailorEarth” and even back then, I Googled every “CodenameSailorEarth” username out there. From Myspace (remember that? Who uses that anymore? Hahaha) to web domains, the username was only attached to 1 person. There wasn’t even a band or a song called “CodenameSailorEarth” which made it easy to find my newfound artist love. Yes, I was kind of obsessed with this stranger. After months of following him or her (back then I didn’t know she was a HER. I just thought the artist was a guy.), I found out she was female, lived a wonderful, fun life of anime and manga love, and just happened to like the same exact anime I grew up with: Sailor Moon!

After months of talking, we became online pen pals. From art to video making to anime to manga, she taught me all I currently know about the worlds of Sailor Moon, anime, and manga. She even taught me how to draw in Photoshop and how to fix my online mistakes. She was my hero. And all this within the last 10 years.

Yes, that readers, is called TRUE friendship. Over 10 years of online only chats, emails, cooperation, and can you believe, phone calls, and our friendship has culminated in the current reality: WE ARE MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OUR 10 YEAR FRIENDSHIP! All started from one YouTube video compliment about her art from me to her over 10 years ago this summer. It’s funny how life gave us both ups and downs, sideways throws, curve-balls, drama, and through it all our online-only friendship has survived it all. From our differences in arguments and discussions to our similarities in agreements, our friendship has become one of the strongest pieces of history. I mean c’mon. In a current world of looking for the next “big thing” or the next “offensive moment”, I found a rock to stand on, and it was a friendship that has lasted through tears, pain, success, failures, drama, harassment, cracks, and healing. Our friendship has lasted through time, distance, and Life itself. While my high school friendships faded with growing up, time going by, and distance, this online friendship has survived all of that.

I’m blessed to say that I have one of the strongest friendships with CodenameSailorEarth on this planet. It’s something books are written about, and movies are made from. I’m glad I met this amazing, successful woman who I have come to call my dear sister. And I’m proud to know her.

Cheers to many more decades of our friendship to come!!!My BFF Anime Version


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