Updates About Crystal Dreams Books Giveaways


I’m a total perfectionist. I need everything in an impossibly high standard. I’m such a workaholic that having this entire weekend off work was a novelty. What am I doing with my days off? Working. Uh I mean writing. I’m glad for the days off. I’m in dire need of writing days. Here I go diving in…

It’s been a few weeks since Crystal Dreams hit the market.

The first edition was a rush upload in time for my debut on April 22 hence the many, many mistakes, and my unhappiness. Since then, Crystal Dreams has been edited, and my dearest friend has offered to reedit it. Due to my characters’ dirty sailor mouths, Amazon almost pulled my book. Apparently there’s a limit to the amount of f-bombs and a-bombs one book is allowed to have. Nice to know. Hahaha…

Now that the entire book is completely finalized, I have it in the review process of becoming a real paperback book! My editors and I are totally psyched! I’m excited to see what something I dreamed up when I was 9 years old looks like as a real life, in color reality. The cover design by Laura is what I’m most excited about. Please don’t mess up my printed book Amazon. (I’ve heard a lot of bad things that happen to the printed books verses the Kindle ebooks.)

For the wonderful winner of my very first paperback book giveaway back in April, you’re getting the first copy with swag that hasn’t been released online yet. Hugs! Sorry you all had to wait so long. By the end of this week, Crystal Dreams will be in full paperback book color. Hopefully. My fingers are crossed.

I love all of you for buying my debut. I am so honored you took a chance on me. Love!

Book 2, Killer Dreams, will definitely be released in July or August. I have my fingers crossed for a special birthday release day which will throw book 3 in an October or November release.

I know I said back in January that my contemporary romance gift to my friend, Hunter’s Hell, was going to be a July release, but with the fiasco surrounding Amazon making my job harder, that release is no longer possible. I’m sincerely sorry. My friend’s sure one patient reader. I’m so grateful.

As for writing, I’m plowing through book 2 as fast as I can. Please know that I’m thinking of all you readers as I hide in my writing corner. Thank you for having my back.

While you wait for more books, please enter the giveaways to win Crystal Dreams swag and a copy of Crystal Dreams, and a signed MIDNIGHT LILY paperback book.

Crystal Dreams:

Signed MIDNIGHT LILY book giveaway:


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