How To Treat Your Giveaway Winners & Those Who Didn’t Win


In November/December 2015 when I posted my very first giveaway, I ordered 2 HUGE swag packs from a very well known author. The NYT and U.S.A. Best Seller author swag came in the mail 3 weeks after I placed my order. I instantly posted my giveaway. Within 6 days my page likes went from 3 to 120. After that the likes jumped to 150, then 190, and I hit my 200 likes milestone!! I’m so psyched!

But when I posted my giveaway one of winners didn’t claim the other half of her prize; an eBook worth $3.99 or less even though she received her swag. I’ve waited and waited and waited. She never asked me about the other half of her prize or bugged me about it. I was starting to wonder if she forgot. So I messaged her and requested if she still wanted her $3.99 eBook.

I haven’t heard back from my giveaway winner but a win is a win. I expect that as a host I give the winner or winners their FULL award. I’m no scammer and I’ll never cheat a reader, blogger, or another fellow author.

If you win anything from me, I expect to give you, the winner, the allotted prize. That’s what readers, bloggers, and fellow authors deserve in the least; genuine honesty. I know mistakes happen and there are those who try to take a prize from the real winner, but I hope that if anything like that happens, I’d turn the other cheek and simply move on to giving the true winner the win and let the fake winner stay a winner.

In a completely competitive career of writers and authors, I hope to instill a sense of decency and genuine honesty.


2 thoughts on “How To Treat Your Giveaway Winners & Those Who Didn’t Win

  1. I didn’t enter your contest but you should really answer the question of what if your winner never responds to your question? Do you hold off giving that person the full prize or do you draw for another winner?


    1. In rhis instance she already received the swag. All she was missing was the ebook. But a win is a win. I haven’t been in a position to need to pick a second winner if the first doesn’t respond. But if the case were that the winner didn’t claim his/her win, yes I’d let pick it a new winner. It’s only fair to everyone else who enteed to get a chance to win.


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