Writing The End To Crystal Dreams


This just happened! I typed “The End” on my draft in Crystal Dreams, Book One of the Dreams Series! I’m happy with the beginning! The ending was a KA-BOOM! BEAT THAT! Seriously?! I’m supposed to TOP THAT ending? How?
Now I need to edit everything…Can someone shoot me? Not literally, but remind me that this book is a promise so that’s why I spent the last 15+ years writing it. Seriously. Remind me why this is “The End” and I somehow need to find my editor self to edit this giant monster. How do you editors do this part?
In 1998, back when I was a child, I wrote a short 100 page story (by hand) about a girl who needed rescuing from her every day life. In October 2011, I rewrote the entire 100 page story into a full 400+ page book from the beginning. I turned this meek girl from a damsel in distress to a strong woman who stood up for righteousness, justice, and fought against hateful bullying and oppression. The original title went through 5 changes in the last 9 years from its original title in 1998 to what’s now called “Crystal Dreams.”
What was originally planned to be a short, one novel story, turned into a planned 4 book series, because I received 4+ requests for more based solely on my 2015 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) win. Geez!!
I was seriously considering the finale of this first book to be a conclusion. Then my fingers wrote the weirdest ending that dropped off to a cliffhanger… I am NOT responsible for that cliffhanger. My main character is!
A week ago today, I vowed to dedicate this debut novel in the series to my dear friend for encouraging me to write, respecting my childhood, and being there for me my whole life. He’s the inspiration for the entire book. No, the dedicated to is not Millosovich sorry. But Millosovich IS single. Have at him ladies! Hahaha…I’ll be over here hiding in the corner away from the fangirls. Yes, Millosovich is a guy. He allowed me to use his name, because he’s cool like that. God bless him and his business adventure. c8
I hope my book sells. Now off to mercilessly edit the living sh*t out of Crystal Dreams, and finish writing the draft to Killer Dreams Book Two.
P.S. I absolutely LOVE my cover designer! She’s both a beautiful artist, and a beautiful person. She has a heart of gold💖


How To Treat Your Giveaway Winners & Those Who Didn’t Win


In November/December 2015 when I posted my very first giveaway, I ordered 2 HUGE swag packs from a very well known author. The NYT and U.S.A. Best Seller author swag came in the mail 3 weeks after I placed my order. I instantly posted my giveaway. Within 6 days my page likes went from 3 to 120. After that the likes jumped to 150, then 190, and I hit my 200 likes milestone!! I’m so psyched!

But when I posted my giveaway one of winners didn’t claim the other half of her prize; an eBook worth $3.99 or less even though she received her swag. I’ve waited and waited and waited. She never asked me about the other half of her prize or bugged me about it. I was starting to wonder if she forgot. So I messaged her and requested if she still wanted her $3.99 eBook.

I haven’t heard back from my giveaway winner but a win is a win. I expect that as a host I give the winner or winners their FULL award. I’m no scammer and I’ll never cheat a reader, blogger, or another fellow author.

If you win anything from me, I expect to give you, the winner, the allotted prize. That’s what readers, bloggers, and fellow authors deserve in the least; genuine honesty. I know mistakes happen and there are those who try to take a prize from the real winner, but I hope that if anything like that happens, I’d turn the other cheek and simply move on to giving the true winner the win and let the fake winner stay a winner.

In a completely competitive career of writers and authors, I hope to instill a sense of decency and genuine honesty.

Alan Rickman.

Yesterday I was just admiring the strong look of Snape from Harry Potter. Today I have a broken heart. Alan Rickman who played in the Harry Potter movies was so strong and as the movies came out year after year my dislike for Alan Rickman grew to acceptance and like and admiration. He portrayed his complicated character so perfectly that I couldn’t believe I didn’t like him years ago.

But today we loose a strong, admirable man. I’m going to go cry in the corner.
RIP Alan Rickman. You are missed.