Writing, A World Apart


You know that moment when you’re writing, cramming in more writing, and trying to write between reality?

Yeah, that’s me. But between all the writing, I’ve listened to a lot of advice and opinions on when to write, why I should write, why I shouldn’t writing, and mostly how to write. Especially, how to write correctly.

Then I took a good look around. After a while, conformists lost their voice writing what certain people wanted to read, and what’s “trending” now that they forgot to write what they felt. In a community of writers who recreates the billionaire boyfriend, the BDSM stud, the sexy man who saves the virgin damsel in distress, and the private school students who just happen to come upon “magical powers” that transform them into a Harry Potter look-alikes, I’m trying to find out if there’s any originality left. Is there?

Where’s the awesome kick butt books? Where’s the heroes who don’t sound like magical dragons plus Harry Potter? Where’s the strong female lead who doesn’t need a billionaire boyfriend but would like the romantic hearts and flowers? (Seriously though, aren’t there enough authors rewriting Harry Potter and Fifty Shades already?) Where’s the good stuff? I’m worried that one day I’ll wake up and all there’s going to be are billionaire boyfriend books or heroism absorbed, sugar coated Harry Potter books. As an avid reader, I’d love some originality. 


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