Giveaway Scam Alert, Facebook


Please be aware of giveaways that are opened for “preorder” books where you can win swag, gift cards, etc!

I’ve just learned that a blog posted a giveaway for 1 winner to get a $100 amazon gift card but you MUST PREORDER the book in the link BEFORE it’s released on December 5th.
(That was yesterday by the way.)

Even though the book is released, the blog is STILL keeping the giveaway opened so the author gets sales (making it look like the book wasn’t released and no winner was chosen).

NO winner was posted on the giveaway post or in the comments leaving readers/commenters believing that the $100 gift card was still available. It wasn’t. There wasn’t a limit date on when the giveaway closed, and the giveaway post was NOT marked “closed”.

Please be aware of these scams.
Thank you.

~Tracy Millosovich


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