Free Books, Posting Piracy Online


I know this maybe a sensitive subject but I need to stand up against plagiarism, and theft. I know 4 online usernames who have stolen written works of other published authors, and attempted to resell the published books as their own (a M/M author, Paranormal author, a well known romance author, and an ARC receiver). That’s not what this blog is about though.

In 2012, I was assaulted online by a kid (at the time she was probably only 19) who deemed herself a “novel writer wannabe”. Per her own pet title, she posted hundreds of her written works all over the internet FOR FREE. As her “book” was written, and rewritten, I found out that the wannabe wasn’t just writing a series, but was also a Harry Potter fangirl. Her hero series became more and more of a Harry Potter fanfiction the longer I read it, and less of an original work.

If you know JK Rowling like I do, she doesn’t encourage fanfiction stories of other people’s work, especially her own, to be published. That, to me, is essentially stealing, in this case, from the Harry Potter author. Unfortunately, the girl’s work has 400+ “fans” whom I recently found out to be mostly under 17 year old kids posing as 18 years old and up who follow this wannabe writer online, not read her work, but assault anyone (like me) who figures out that her hero series is a Harry Potter ripoff.

The point of this isn’t to point my finger at a 2015 college grad animating student. This is to say, she posted her entire books on for FREE, and now she’s trying to get people to BUY them.

First, her book’s already FREE online, so why bother paying for it.
Second, why support a plagiarist? What’s the point of that?

I’ll get a ton of flack from her “friends” for this, but I hope that if any publishing houses get involved with this girl’s writings, college degree or not, they’re risking a lawsuit from JK Rowling and her publishers. Who wants that? Not I.

I’m just saying, stealing pictures is wrong. Just as wrong as rewriting the Harry Potter series into a hero story, turning poor Harry into a girl who just happens to go to a private school, and carries around a red stone. (If you read the first HP book, the red stone from the thief’s book comes directly out of the Harry Potter book.) Unfortunately, I’m no Harry Potter author so I can’t do much. Maybe reporting this wannabe writer to Mrs. Rowling would do some good? Hopefully so.


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