Microsoft Office Customer Service Representative


11/14/2015 – 2:05 P.M.
After one whole hour on the phone…

Mr. Jacob from the Microsoft Tech convinced me to let him link his system to my laptop so he could find the other half of my lost NaNoWrMo document which has disappeared. Apparently a virus ate half my document (not the whole document just HALF of it) and I’ve been saving it, but the last 3 days’ work is GONE. Apparently the virus blocked it from being saved (even though I saved my documents on the Microsoft One Drive once ever hour on the dot. I’m weird like that.

So… After 1 LOOOONG hour of hearing him tell me I “NEED TO” upgrade my 9 month old laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (W10 comes free but he refused to help load it to my laptop after I asked 4 times) Mr. Jacob loaded a virus scanner onto my laptop, had it find “435 viruses” all while explaining over and over and over again that I needed to buy a antivirus software to help fix my problem. In his quote “It’s only $299.99 for a year and after 365 days you will have to buy a new $299.99 subscription.” (I just found the full software for sale on Amazon for $30 by the way). He also pointed out that a Fifty Shades of Grey video I made and saved on my desktop is “a virus.” FSOG is NOT a virus.

All that debacle and I STILL lost half my document (probably due to a virus) and he was supposed to help find it, but tried to con me into buying something instead! My issue still wasn’t resolved and now I have a stupid virus scanner I need to remove from my laptop.

Ugh!! If you see me with a dent in my forehead, it’s because I hit my head on the wall out of frustration.

On a good note: I got 5 free paperback books in the mail today, and apparently I had more money in my bank account than I thought.

All in all, this was another crappy customer service experience. You’d think that if they have quantity customer service representatives they’d at least invest in the quality of training their employees.


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