Slut Shaming and Bullying Is Not Funny


In 2008 I was a mother to a beautiful child. We fled my ex’s verbally abusive rage, into another guy’s physically abusive rage. Gladly, by then, my baby wasn’t involved. After 4 years, and a lot of self helping later, I got my life put together. Then they returned in 2011. But instead of slapping me and raping me, they verbally assaulted me. It went so far online that their “friends” got involved with the abuse. They enjoyed their abusive behavior so much that some even said “I should’ve died” and “go kill yourself.” The sick part was that these people claimed that their abusive words, and choices were “my fault so I get what I deserved.” I’ve learned now that those words are typical of abusive narcissists.
I never understood what was so shameful about being a mother. Motherhood is a beautiful path. Since these bullies thought that, in the words of Hobbs from Fast and Furious 7,  their “mothers should’ve kept [their] legs closed.” After the abusive bullies stopped, because they moved on to their next victim (or maybe because I got the authorities involved  I don’t know), I got another chance to build my life up.
Fortunately, I have true friends encouraging me this time. I thank God for my friends and family daily, and now I know. The abuse can return, but if I build my life up nice and strong, no amount of abusive bullying, and pathological lying can knock me down again. I’ve risen above the rapist, all the abusive bullies, and the scars will remind me that I’m stronger. I always will be.


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